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James D. G. Dunn

James D. G. Dunn

James D. G. Dunn (Birmingham, Reino Unido, 1939 - Chichester, Reino Unido, 2020), doctor en Teología por la Universidad de Cambridge (1976), fue profesor emérito de la Universidad de Durham (Reino Unido), mundialmente reconocido por su competencia en los estudios sobre el Jesús histórico, las tradiciones cristianas primitivas y Pablo de Tarso.
- Baptism in the Holy Spirit, 1970.
- Jesus and the Spirit, 1975.
- The Evidence for Jesus, 1985.
- Christology in the making: a New Testament inquiry into the origins of the doctrine of the incarnation, 1980.
- Romans 1-8, 9-16
, 1988.
- Jesus, Paul, and the law: studies in Mark and Galatians, 1990.
- Unity and diversity in the New Testament: an inquiry into the character of earliest Christianity, 1990.
- The Partings of the Ways between Christianity and Judaism and their Significance for the Character of Christianity, 1991.
- The Epistle to Galatians, 1993.
- The justice of God: a fresh look at the old doctrine of justification by faith, 1994 (en colaboración con Alan M. Suggate).
- The Epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon: a commentary on the Greek text, 1996.
- The Theology of Paul the Apostle, 1998.
- A New Perspective On Jesus: What The Quest For The Historical Jesus Missed, 2005.
- The New Perspective On Paul, 2007.
- The Living Word, 2009.
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